Let’s Help The Community in Honduras!

While Silva and I were comfortably living and working in the Arc community in Honduras, we got some exciting news from Tarapoto, Peru, where we used to be.

You might remember Mili from Tarapoto. Together, we organized a Christmas party for over 800 of the poorest kids in Lower Tarapot and gave them Christmas presents.

Before leaving Peru, we used the rest of the funds from this charity campaign to buy school bags and other essentials for 100 first-graders in need so they could go to school.

Help in the right hands!

We were in Honduras during the gift distribution, so we could not be there. However, Mili informed us about what was going on and sent us beautiful photos of the happy children.

It was great to see how your money was used! The children have bags and are going to school. Their smiles prove that your support made a big difference.

Silva and I often think about how God sends us to places that need help.

The poverty we see is not reported in the news. But we have the opportunity to share our experiences with you, and we see this as our mission.

Gifts that do not bring money

I’ve written a bit about it, but I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. Let’s focus on taking action, like volunteering or donating, because that’s more impactful than just talking about it.

Living in a community with people with intellectual disabilities has been eye-opening. It’s been a daily reminder of what it means to face constant deprivation.

Our community is dedicated to protecting those who are marginalized and vulnerable. What could be more vulnerable than someone who’s born with physical or mental challenges, unable to speak, learn, earn a living, or take care of themselves?

As a child grows and becomes self-reliant, there are some people who never find their way to independence.

These individuals are not what society deems as “poor”; they possess unique gifts and have the potential to contribute significantly.

However, the world fails to recognize and appreciate their abilities because they don’t align with conventional notions of productivity and profitability.

They often have no one

In places like Arc, there are people who would have faced a tragic fate if not for the community’s support. Many of them have lost their parents or have been abandoned by their families. They may be forgotten or even shamed.

But here, they find a safe haven. They have a place to call home, with a roof over their heads and three meals daily. They are surrounded by caring and dedicated staff who become their true friends, providing them with the love and support they may have missed.

Do they care?

Poverty intrudes like a ghost through unseen cracks, leaving no escape. We all rely on each other, from individuals to leaders, politicians, and businesspeople.

In the chaotic capitalist systems of certain countries, the influential often neglect the vulnerable.

I ponder how often those in power consider the countless individuals born, living, and dying in poverty despite their potential, talents, and eagerness to contribute to something more meaningful.

How often do they consider the struggles of an individual born with disabilities, confined to a wheelchair, and lacking both physical and mental abilities?

Imagine living in a household that barely makes ends meet. Every medication must be purchased, there’s no social security, and access to essential services requires money. Without financial means, opportunities become limited.

Donation campaign for Arc in Honduras

At Operando, we’ve launched a new charity campaign to support a wonderful community called Arc. We’ve been working with their assistants for a month now, and we’ve seen firsthand how dedicated they are.

Here’s the thing: a barge in Honduras needs financial assistance. It’s essential to provide water, food, and care aids and pay the dedicated staff who work around the clock for the community.

Our charity campaign will continue as long as we’re in Honduras, which will be for a few more months. We’ll share updates from Arc’s house in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, and from the town of Choluteca in the country’s western part, where another Arc community is located.

We hope you’ll join us in supporting this incredible cause. Every little bit helps!

A new opportunity for charity

Here’s a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Lend your support, big or small, to help those in need. It’s crucial to show them that distance does not diminish our compassion.

Remember how we came together for Peru? Let’s do the same for Honduras!

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