Letter of thanks from Ukraine

We have spent a month in Ukraine. A fortnight in Kiev and another fortnight in Odessa. You may read our posts from Ukraine here. At time, we’ve been collecting funds for a night shelter for homeless in Kiev.

As we donated the money collected to Depaul organization in Ukraine, we received this letter of thanks from p. Vitaliy Novak, a missionary in Odessa and at the same time head of Depaul Ukraine. It is not only addressed to us but to all of you who, one way or another, helps us to support this charity campaign.

p. Vitaliy Novak CM, missionary in Odessa (Ukraine)

Dear Nace and Silva!

I hope you are happy and still full of enthusiasm to continue to follow the aim of your Operando.

As in our culture we say it is never too late, using this as apologize, I want to officially and sincerely write you a few words of my thanks.

In the name of Depaul Ukraine, Congregation of Mission (Vincentian fathers from Odesa) and Comunita in dialogo, I wish to thank you for your visit in November – December 2016.

I am happy I had the opportunity to meet you and happy that you have been staying a few weeks with us.

Really, your visit was a very special to all of us. Usually people come to visit briefly. They come to see our project and services of different organizations and leave immediately. These visits are sometimes no longer than few minutes.

p. Vitaliy, together with a guy who was freed of alcohol addiction a few years ago in his commune.

But your way of visit is a special one and this is why for me it is very valuable. Because you did not just make a visit, you really lived at least for a few days in every city.

You really have been with us and stayed longer than usual visitors do. You, Nace and Silva went few steps along with us, with our poor people who we serve.

Everywhere where you were present, you gave your time, your feelings, your experience to every project you visited.

Our staff members from Depaul Kiev night shelter for homeless people still remember your visit and your true wish to help and support their work. And you made it. With your presence, with your work as volunteers and your financial donation from Operando.

Especially I would like to thank you for your stay in Odessa! For your volunteer work in Depaul outreach projects and in our daily center. We were impressed of your passion! And still I feel sorry because of work in winter conditions on the streets of Odesa with homeless people which caused illness for both of you.

Our parishioners from time to time ask me if I get any news about your Operando pilgrimage through the world. They got support in their faith by your testimony that you showed them.

And at the end my words of thanks for your testimony and time you spent in rehab centers for men and women. For your real help working on preparation for the opening and blessing of our new bakery.

Especially thank you for your friendly relationship during your stay in our house. For your tasty meals you cooked and for all the housekeeping.

The most importantly, I want to underline your time you gave to people you visited. I saw it in every project.

People had opportunity to not only see you during your visit, they could talk to you, share stories, ask you questions and you in your simplicity were there for them.

Thank you for your journey! Thank you for the whole Operando team that supports your mission! Thank you for all people who follow you and support you and different projects with their donations!

May God bless you on your paths and visits!

Give people your presence and they will value it and remember it!

God bless you!

P. Vitaliy Novak CM

Thank you for your encouragement and support.

Let us stay connected!

Silva in Nace Volčič

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