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If you want to donate money to charity, why not help missionaries in Columbia? Media don't report this, but we have been there in Riosucio and have witnessed the poverty you hardly see even in the world's poorest countries. Read about this cause and donate online.



Charity Donation For Missionaries in Colombia

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In the area of ​​Chocó there is a wild war. On the one hand, illegal guerrillas, on the other, army and police.

The worst victims of the war are not the soldiers, but the communities of Indians and Afro-Colombians, native people living there.

New casualties are reported daily in these territories. In the forests inhabited by natives, the illegal army chases them out of their territory; burning their homes, killing men, raping women, bombing houses so they need to move out, elsewhere - always where the land is poor and living conditions impoverished.

People flee their homes to the settlement of Riosucio, where they live in extreme misery, poverty, desperate because they cannot return home. Missionaries want to help these people, but unfortunately, they often lack the resources to work effectively.

They want to rebuild their missionary library, to provide people with space for music and theater activities, where young people will be able to get in touch with their roots and culture.

Two of our missionaries spent one whole month in Riosucio and they wrote a lot about the situation there. If you are interested to know more, check out their articles here >>

Thank you so much for every dollar dedicated to missionaries in Chocó and the people they live and work with.

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