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We want to encourage people to overcome their fears, be guided by the Holy Spirit, even if it leads them into the unknown, to seek God in their daily lives, everywhere, actively, and at all times.

We encourage readers to seek their Operando – God in action and become more sensitive to the ignored, the pushed away, the poor, as we believe that God is leading us to these very people to meet us – in person!

Our doors are open to all of you who want to share your ideas, thoughts, reflections, experiences, testimonies, and personal stories.

We invite anyone who has experience writing and publishing or just a gift for the written word, even if you have never published anything publicly.

What can you write about?

If you follow the posts on our website, you already know what topics and content we are tackling. However, you can take another look at Operando’s past articles and explore our website.

The content of the page is currently divided into seven categories. Below is a brief overview of what you can write about in each of them.

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Contributions on various topics related to Christian spirituality, such as the relationship with God, how I seek God in my daily life, how I pray, reflections on quotes from the Bible that specifically appeal to me at a particular time, how I testify of God in my life, how I live my mission and everything else that is directly related to religious life and relationship with God.

We publish articles that inspire and encourage our relationships, about the problems and challenges associated with them, personal experiences in relationships (with husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, children, upbringing) and lessons we can learn from them. How God addresses me in relationships and what He communicates to me.

At Operando, we believe that the essence of the Christian faith is openness – to God, to one’s neighbor, to the enemy, in fact to anyone, even if he thinks differently than I do, lives in a different culture, is a different color or a different religion. We publish articles that encourage the construction of bridges instead of walls and the courageous exploration of everything foreign and unknown.

We publish articles by missionaries and volunteers living or working abroad. If you are one of them, you are welcome to share your experience with us. We want to get to know different cultures and read this ‘first hand.’

Every life is a sacred story, so life stories must have a place on a page like Operando. We publish the stories of famous and lesser-known saints, especially those who gave their lives for the poor. We also publish the stories of entirely ordinary people who overcame trials with God’s help or learned to overcome them. Other people’s stories are always the inspiration for our own lives.

We publish news about Operando’s charities (small and large), the contributions of volunteers who work with various vulnerable groups of people, learn from them, and meet God through them. If you are also a volunteer yourself or have been, and would like to share some important experience, exciting story or testimony with our readers, this section is the place for you.

We publish prayers for various purposes, with which we turn directly to God, thank Him, ask Him, and glorify Him. Many prayer writers say that writing such a text is an even more profound form of connection with God, enriching both the writer and the reader of the prayer. If you think you can write a prayer of your own, from the heart, then this category is right for you.